A complete step-by-step Guide: Official loozr INCENTIVIZED Testnet (BOLT Version)

Community-driven music streaming platform that allows everyone to Listen2Earn per second, trade, and invests in artist & music tokens.

✅ How to participate?


  • Join discord and claim an enthusiast role.

It should reflect in your profile.


  • Goto Loozr Crew page by clicking here
  • Tweet and claim bolt role.

At the time of writing his article, only 8933 are left out of 15000.

  • Complete other tasks.
  • Give it a few minutes to reflect on your profile.


  • Log in and input your preferred domain name to be reserved.
  • Select your favorite genres and click “continue.”
  • Follow a couple of other accounts if you so wish.


  • On the “Explore page,” look for any profile of your choice and tap “Buy coin.”
  • Input any amount you would love to buy, recommend you buy a little, tap “Purchase.”
  • Confirm transaction.


  • Go back to the “Explore page.”
  • Tap on the profile picture of any artist of your choice, and copy that username.
  • Go to your “Wallet tab” and tap on the “Send button.”
  • Paste the name but ensure to clear the (izr.testnet) first, the full name will show below, tap on it.
  • Input a little amount you would love to send to the person.
  • Tap on “send Lzr.”
  • Confirm the transaction, and you should see a successful message.

That’s a wrap on Bolt v1.0!!!

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