Omni Network Testnet Guide: Navigating the Secure Cross-Rollup Blockchain.

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3 min readJun 27, 2023

Omni Network, a layer 1 blockchain, aims to streamline the deployment of secure, cross-rollup applications in Ethereum’s increasingly fragmented ecosystem. It addresses the issue of fragmentation caused by the introduction of rollups, which solved the problem of costly transactions in the Ethereum ecosystem. Leveraging recent technical advancements in the blockchain industry, Omni utilizes a unique architecture to optimize for security, programmability, and speed. It achieves security by employing $ETH restaking with Eigenlayer, while programmability is enhanced through the utilization of the Cosmos SDK and Ethermint. Tendermint consensus is leveraged to ensure faster transaction processing.

Distinguished as the first blockchain to combine the Ethereum validators with the Cosmos SDK, Omni combines the strengths of both platforms, providing a secure foundation from Ethereum and the flexibility of Cosmos. By offering a unified experience, Omni simplifies the process for developers seeking to build scalable and secure applications on blockchain infrastructure. As the number of blockchain ecosystems, particularly Layer 2 solutions, continues to expand, users and liquidity face increasing fragmentation. Omni aims to alleviate this issue by providing a cohesive solution.

Omni Network secured $18 million in funding from prominent investors including Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, Jump Crypto, Hashed, The Spartan Group, and more. While there are currently no plans for an airdrop, it is worth mentioning that notable airdrops often occur unexpectedly without prior announcement.

Here is a step-by-step guide to navigating the Omni Testnet:

  • Add Omni Testnet to your wallet.
  • Claim Omni test token from the faucet.
  • Interact with Dapps on Omni chain.
  • Claim Galxe Oats, and complete tasks on Zealy and Guild.

Add Omni Testnet to your wallet.

  • Connect your wallet and click on “Add to Metamask”.

Claim Omni test token from the faucet.

For this task, note that you need to have at least one Galxe Oat from the campaign.

  • Enter your wallet address and “Fund”

Interact with Dapps on Omni chain.

Since the chain is newly established, there is currently only one active project available for testing. However, we will continually update you on the available projects as more are added to the platform.

  • Deposit Funds.
  • Claim $Meme token.

Claim Galxe Oats, and complete tasks on Zealy and Guild.

That’s all for the guide.

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